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More than four decades of global experience.

Our mission at PAL Aerospace is to help clients solve their challenges and meet their needs with innovative, custom aerospace and defence solutions.

We’ve logged hundreds of thousands of safe, successful flight hours, engineered aircraft into state-of-the-art surveillance systems, delivered highly reliable in-service support and much more to clients around the world, including in Canada, Europe, the United Arab Emirates and the Caribbean. 

We also offer a range of special missions operations including specialized patient transportation, search and rescue support, maritime border enforcement and environmental monitoring.

With our broad range of services and expertise, we give our clients a single, end-to-end point of accountability for their aerospace solutions.

Solving Complex Challenges Is Our Business

Whether you need aircraft design and modification services, training, data management or on-demand surveillance capabilities, we deliver fully customized solutions that meet your operational requirements — drawing on decades of global experience and a service-driven orientation.


  • Special Mission
  • Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance
  • Data Collection and Management
  • Fixed-Wing Search and Resque
  • Force Multiplier
  • In-Service Support
  • Training Solution

Dynamic Training to Support Your Missions

We combine traditional classroom learning, task and mission simulation activities, and in-flight training that replicates active duty to provide the most comprehensive training possible. Led by highly qualified pilots and instructors with an average of 25 years of real-world experience, PAL Aerospace can plan and deliver training courses for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing aircraft.


We provide training for all aerial surveillance crew positions, including:



Sensor operators

Mission/tactical commanders


We have trained crews around the world for clients including:

Coast guards


Military organizations

Offshore resource extraction companies

Law enforcement agencies


Five-Tier Training Process

Our training programs start with basic education to prepare learners for flight school and become progressively more technical as they advance and take on more specialized roles.

Training Facilities Around the World

We have classroom, airframe and in-flight training facilities in Canada, the Caribbean and the Middle East. We can deliver on-site instruction anywhere in the world.

Individual Training and Education (IT&E) Models

Based on proven IT&E models that optimize the quality and quantity of instruction, our programs produce graduates with the right qualifications for the required missions.

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