Ideacrate Edutainment Company LLC

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IdeaCrate Edutainment Company is the creator of innovative, multi-faceted and mindfully developed edutainment brands including Orange Wheels, Orange Hub and Orange Seeds Nursery. Emulating the true essence of edutainment, the IdeaCrate concepts make learning a fun experience through entertaining activities. With a razor-sharp focus on real value creation, the ‘Orange’ brands under IdeaCrate use innovative methods of play-based learning to improve motor skills and foster a collaborative spirit among children.

Built on the principles of unrestrained play in a safe environment promoting sensory learning among children, IdeaCrate has created a niche for itself in both early years’ education and the family entertainment space. The qualified and empathetic subject matter experts at IdeaCrate are strongly focused on creating holistic and memorable experiences for its young patrons. Focused on creating differentiated, family-centric indoor amusement attractions, IdeaCrate offers a range of exciting activities – from arcade games and bowling to simulators and laser tags – powered by futuristic technology. The company is on a journey to revolutionise the world of Family Entertainment Centres – one FEC at a time!


Our vision is to achieve excellence and set a benchmark in the global edutainment and early years education space.


Our mission is to offer unmatched active learning and entertaining experiences to young patrons by leveraging our state-of-the-art facilities and knowledge of our qualified people.

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